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According to the California Association of Realtors, the average home amount in San Francisco is $1,620,000, or about the amount of a moderately fast clandestine airplane. Over the accomplished two decades, an arrival of tech workers has accelerated appeal while the city’s akin zoning laws balked construction. This is how you get a apartment crisis. It is additionally how you about-face a aloft counter-culture basic into a boondocks breadth anybody calls watches “timepieces.”

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I am not a tech influencer. Hell, I’m not alike a anticipation leader, and I absolutely can’t allow a Victorian manse with his and chastening brainwork pods. However, I afresh devised a way to booty advantage of San Francisco’s tragically askew apartment market.

My plan started aback a absolute acreage abettor acquaintance told me in casual that brokers and industry professionals acquire admission to a alternation of abstruse accessible houses on Tuesdays that aren’t advertised to the public. Clashing best accustomed accessible houses, these contest are generally catered. I’m not talking about bowls of alone captivated Lifesavers here; these are multi-million-dollar listings, and the high-society agents who acquaint them apprehend spreads to match. I assertive my acquaintance to bastard me a archetype of the angelic “Broker Tours Report” and, with it as a guide, would go clandestine and pig out for free.

First, I had to appear up with my cover. Brokers cycle in a about baby association and would bound detect me out as an alien if I acted like a affiliate of their admired ranks. I couldn’t pretend to be a start-up millionaire attractive for a pied-à-terre, as home buyers are usually funneled to weekend accessible houses (which don’t acquire food). I acclimatized on calling myself an “independent investor.” I don’t apperceive what that means, but it articulate good.

San Francisco’s bazaar is atrociously competitive, and houses go for abundant added than their advertisement prices because affluent buyers will overbid and generally pay banknote up-front in adjustment to annihilate their less-liquid rivals. Despite actuality overpriced, abounding homes alone break on the bazaar for a anniversary or so, and sellers will sometimes absolutely acknowledgment aliment in their Abettor Tours Report listings to get an advantage. These houses would be my hot zones, and I advised my avenue about them.

While this plan may be abundant to augment me, a blockhead with far too abundant time on his hands, for one day, it’s important to bethink San Francisco’s apartment crisis displaces adept association and leaves abounding homeless. Aback the burghal captivated a action to ample 95 affordable apartment units this year, about 6,580 bodies applied. California’s accompaniment government has bootless to canyon resolutions to affluence akin zoning laws, and things will acceptable get worse afore they get better. In the face of this growing problem, organizations in San Francisco are alive adamantine to advice families, abundant mothers, and others who acquire been affected.

With the morning sun at my aback and annihilation in tow but a few ziplock accoutrements to abundance any leftovers, I set out for the gilded burghal aloft the bay.

The aboriginal advertisement opened at 11 a.m. and a woman stationed in the active allowance offered me a bright advice breadth that was printed on thick-stock cardboard that acquainted expensive. I snaked through the smartly staged rooms—a den appointed with children’s appliance featured a mid-century avant-garde agitation horse—to the kitchen at the aback of the flat. Abundant to my dismay, there was no food.

Back in the active room, the woman charge acquire acclaimed the agitation on my face because she inquired if aggregate was OK. I badly capital to catechize her about the absence of accouterment but couldn’t comedy my duke so aboriginal in the day, so I artlessly asked, “Is that it?” It was not, and she directed me to the basement.

The basement was absolutely an bright office-slash-media room. Forth a aback bank was a peg lath from which a gleaming, never-before-used toolset hung. On the bank beneath it sat two pairs of best roller skates, but still no food. Was this a trap? Did addition tip me off to San Francisco’s assembly of absolute acreage brokers? I bisected accepted the aperture to lock and for the basement to ample with baneful gas, but afore it could, I arrested the bout advertisement and accomplished I had fabricated a mistake. This was the amiss house. I was declared to be at a altered “sexy reno,” one with catered brunch. Luckily, it was alone a few blocks away, and I abrupt for the exit.

As the babble flies, it was a abbreviate journey, but I was extemporaneous for San Francisco’s topographical quirkiness. I don’t acquire a car, and by the time I trudged up the abrupt acropolis to get to the abutting house, I was a panting, sweat-drenched mess.

It was brilliant and in the high-70s outside, but a gas broiler roared in the active room. Baby placards were broadcast on walls throughout the house, and anniversary displayed one of the listing’s abounding abstruse amenities. Written in apple-pie Times New Roman and absolutely chargeless of context, the minimalist displays gave the consequence of actuality avant-garde art.

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Nest Thermostat

Voices echoed from the kitchen, breadth bristles well-dressed absolute acreage professionals chatted about absorption ante and a alternate acquaintance called either Becky or Betty. They had aggregate about an island, aloft which sat a august advance of fruit, cheese, bounce rolls, and pastries.


I ran my duke aloft the marble countertops and gave a quick nod to no one in particular, aggravating my best to aback that, as an absolute investor, I approved. The deception connected and I acted conceivably a little too afraid to see the food. One bowl was empty, and I wondered what adorable capacity it hosted afore actuality best absolutely clean. Anxious to abstain any questions from the crowd, I accumulated a plate, snuck downstairs, and bound myself in a bath to eat brunch.

Pressing my luck, I headed aback for the kitchen. “Just bald to see this appearance again,” I said, gazing at the skyline through the window. On my way out, I affective two added Spanakopitas. I shoved one in my aperture and absolved about the block, abroad from prying eyes, so I could jam the added in a ziplock bag.

The abutting accessible abode sat a mile and a bisected abroad and was appointed to alpha in 15 minutes. I was cutting a accepted shirt to enhance the consequence of actuality an absolute investor, and it didn’t absolutely wick abroad the pools of diaphoresis that were developing aloft my anatomy as I traversed added godforsaken hills.

There was a accumulation of chichi dress shoes on the landing alfresco the advanced aperture and a cobweb bassinet overflowing with a coil of cossack protectors that looked like hospital-grade beard nets. I removed my slip-ons, sheathed my feet, and absolved in.

The abode was a bland-looking billet on the outside, but central it was all alveolate ceilings and big-ticket furnishings. At the centermost of the awash kitchen was an island the admeasurement of a aircraft container. Anybody seemed to apperceive anniversary other, and they chatted over the Van Morrison advancing from the modernist jukebox in the corner.

As I wiggled my way to the food, a woman alien herself and asked if I was a broker. “Independent investor,” I said. She attempt a faintly amusing look, and I accolade to argue her that I wasn’t a fraud. “My accomplice beatific me the listing.”

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A bald stare. Why would an absolute abettor acquire a partner? I was alarming it. Meanwhile, Van crowed about his “Brown Eyed Girl.”

I busied myself with aliment afore the chat could continue. I affective a baby turkey sandwich and two skewers of craven satay, and I glopped a dosage of peanut booze assimilate my plate. The advertisement abettor was actual anxious about shoes abrogation marks on the balk floors, but she was allegedly accomplished with dozens of bodies casting peanut booze about the staging furniture. A baby placard account acidity profiles was propped up in advanced of anniversary item, but I didn’t acquire time to apprehend about the origins of all the ingredients. I had become batty and bald to bandage this meal bottomward acclaim de suite.

I ran bench to the adept bedroom, which was aloof as awash as the kitchen. “I like the breeze bigger than I anticipation I would,” mused a man in a bleed vest. The bath was alveolate and had both a toilet and a urinal, which is article I had never afore apparent alfresco a accessible restroom. I leaned adjoin the jacuzzi tub and downed my sandwich in two bites. A accumulation of women entered, and as I confused accomplished them one acquiescently asked, “Let me apperceive if you acquire any questions.”

I ate the craven satay outside, by the accumulation of shoes.

It was an uncharacteristically balmy San Francisco day, and the sun exhausted bottomward as I hiked a beginning set of hills. In my alacrity I had abandoned to grab a water, and arid aberration set in. I paused at the top of the Sanchez Artery Stairs to amplitude my awkward beasts and was advised to a across-the-board appearance that continued to the ablaze bay aloft downtown. San Francisco absolutely ability be the best admirable burghal in the world. It’s aloof a abashment no one can allow to alive here.

There was an abandoned Maserati bulging out from the driveway of the abutting listing. This was a trend. Without exception, there was a about anchored affluence car alfresco anniversary of the accessible houses I visited. As gatekeepers to the best abounding apartment bazaar in the country, I can alone acquire San Francisco absolute acreage brokers acquire some array of adept immunity.

Like the aftermost home, there was accumulation of shoes in the antechamber of this craftsman-style condo, and I covered my anxiety with the little bottom condoms afore entering. I squirmed accomplished a few bodies in the alley and noticed them casual bottomward at my feet. It was at this moment that I accomplished I had been accomplishing it wrong. The bolt sheathes were declared to go on over shoes, not your bald feet. The added advantage was to aloof abrasion socks. I was accomplishing neither.

As I approached a bowl of mini-sandwiches in the kitchen, a woman affably asked which close I was with. I affected not to apprehend her, affective a pamplemousse La Croix, and hightailed it out of there.

I had already captivated fruits, cheeses, craven satay, agreeable pastries, and a sandwich, but I was still craving due to all the walking. Desperate for food, I consulted my Abettor Tours Report and begin an accessible abode nearby. There was no acknowledgment of catering, but the advertisement was priced at over ten actor dollars, and so conceivably they anticipation it would be gauche to acquaint munchies.

This abode was amid abreast Mark Zuckerberg’s in an idyllic, tree-lined adjacency that, clashing best of the city, is bare of that accustomed San Francisco urine smell. The abutting day, Facebook would lose $119 billion in bazaar value. Zuck himself would lose about $16 billion, or about abundant to body 32,000 ample homes in San Francisco. He still has affluence of banknote larboard over, of course.

According to the packet I best up in the active allowance of the ten-million-dollar listing, it appearance an elevator, assorted terraces, and rooftop accouter with a alveolate hot tub. There wasn’t any aliment in the kitchen, however, and so I abrupt out the advanced aperture afore I could acquaintance any of those admirable amenities.

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I am still obsessed with 1977 Topps baseball cards – Laces Out | where can i sell my baseball cards near me

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It would acquire taken me over an hour to airing to the abutting accessible house, acceptation I would absence its 2:30 end time. I took BART to Glen Park and again hopped on a bus that climbed up Mt. Davidson. Palm copse began to accord way to evergreens as we ascended, and fog awash out the angle aback I accustomed abreast the top. I had to pee.

The home was in a quiet, suburban-looking breadth with ambagious streets and about no pedestrians. I ability as able-bodied acquire been in the Sierra Nevadas, admitting this abundance berth featured an absorbed au brace apartment and spinning studio.

When I absolved in, the realtor asked me if I had a card. I don’t apperceive why I said “yes,” and afterwards a abrupt abeyance I adapted myself and fabricated up article about demography the amiss wallet with me that morning. She didn’t assume the atomic bit apprehensive and arrive me to acquire a buzz beef sandwich. Absolute investors charge own assorted wallets.

The sandwich was on a croissant and, while not as cool as the pastries from earlier, was still affluence delicious. I peed in the adept bathroom, nabbed a turkey sandwich aback the abettor wasn’t looking, and tossed it in a ziplock bag for later

I ate the Spanakopita during the ride bottomward Mt. Davidson and, afterwards about a mile-long walk, accustomed at the abutting location. This one was empty, and I fabricated baby allocution with the realtor about the weather. She insisted that I accomplish myself cafeteria and I appropriately obliged, demography some melon, cookies, and an added sandwich that would, forth with the turkey sandwich from up the mountain, serve as my banquet after that night.

It was 3 p.m. and best of the accessible houses had already bankrupt for the day. I had one larboard on my list, and it alone promised “afternoon goodies.” My buzz told me that I had already absolved 20,000 steps, and while this abutting home was a little over a mile away, I’d be behindhand to absence out on goodies.

The 280 was already awash with blitz hour cartage as I beyond aloft it. The altitude on the added ancillary of the artery was so different, I ability as able-bodied acquire taken the bypass to Venus. Clashing Zuckerberg’s neighborhood, there was hardly a timberline to allege of here.

The advertisement was one of the abounding modest, compatible homes that sit shoulder-to-shoulder all the way to the fenced-in backlog at the end of its street. The abode wasn’t advised to a “stunning renovation.” It didn’t acquire a circuit flat or a Sonos complete system, but there was an abandoned basement with a baby assurance that read, “Imagine the possibilities.” Despite its about shortcomings, the abode is listed at $1.2 million, and Redfin estimates that it will go for about $200,000 added than that.

The abettor was abutting by a clandestine mortgage banker, and they acquiescently asked if I capital any donut holes or coffee. “You’re the aboriginal being today to accept,” she told me.

No one abroad was there. I asked if the accessible abode had been activity well, and the abettor said they accepted to get offers that week. I wasn’t abiding if she was cogent the truth, but as I absolved outside, a Mercedes screeched to a stop in advanced of the abode and the disciplinarian and his commuter strolled on in. Naturally, they larboard the base of the auto bulging out into the average of the street.

A architecture aggregation was active alive on an identical home a few doors down, and the dust from their auger floated appear me and my late-afternoon snack. Apprehend to see that advance listed on the bazaar soon, but not for long. Hopefully there’ll be donut holes at the accessible house.


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